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New Earth LLC specializes in restoring historic homes and buildings; from full-service general contracting to catering to your smallest request. We service in Richmond, VA and surrounding counties.

With over 30 years of experience, and a passion for preserving history, there is no project too big or small, complicated or challenging for New Earth.  We are a class-A general contractor servicing Richmond and the surrounding areas to include:  

  • historic and modern restorations and renovations

  •  kitchen and bathroom remodeling

  • historic trim packages

  • general interior and exterior maintenance of any caliber

  • interior and exterior painting, roofs, decks, windows and doors 

  • handcrafted furniture and unique gifts

And now celebrating our newest branch of New Earth offering custom tile and granite selections for your kitchens, bathrooms and more.

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Custom Carpentry

I express identity through the different ages and textures of each piece making every one unique.

Size, configuration, colors, and materials of almost any design are an unlimited  medium for any occasion. 

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Historic Restorations

We emphasize the preservation of structures such as historic houses, sites, residential monuments, and other significant properties. From centuries old wood to the impression of minerals gracing the age of stone, the historical accuracy of your project will prevail.

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Modern Renovations

Whether constructing something new, or bringing it back to life, we can apply any era of modernism.

Please see the link below

for a view of our current inspiration.

Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird


New Earth LLC has been very responsive whenever we've called them. They've done big (re-pointed brick walls) and smaller (emergency water pipe leaks) projects for me in the Church Hill area. Paul has experience in all aspects of home construction and repairs. We trust his advice and his work is top notch.

Services: Drywall repair, Refurbishment, General construction, Plumbing fixture installation, Paint indoors


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