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building and construction,

Reecy, Pete and Makita 
Muses, Mentors and Motivators by day
Master Craftsman pups by night

Reecy, Pete and Makita the pups of New Earth LLC
700 year old beautifully cut white oak in New Earths LLC special collection
Single slab live edge black walnut table with blue epoxy river by New Earth LLC 400 years old
Hand carved Ambrosia maple dog bone for dog lovers and animal lovers by New Earth LLC
Hand carving cedar trunk


Paul Iwashchenko

President of New Earth LLC

(rhymes with I-HAWK-GREAT_STUCCO)

(rhymes with I-WATCH-THE-TIME-GO)

(rhymes with I-GO-AGAINKO)


and getting better every day

Safety Gear Required

Circa 1350AD; "Craftsman": noun~ a person skilled in a trade or special craft 


Nine Centuries Later; "Craftsman": noun, a person who practices his trade as a job

Let's give credit where credit is due. Everybody has a story worth telling . Please reach out and share yours. I'd love to hear from you.

A craftsman today does more than practice a trade, they forecast a visual design in everything they produce as a mix of skill. A science in elemental balance; storytelling as all things in life acquire a story and bring philosophy to their reason of production. They have the ability to transform a flaw into a better element without notice. There is constant growth and upward movement. 

This tree, the Angel Oak, is argued to be between 400 to 1500 years old and growing. Last year I gifted a client a beautiful trim package of white oak that was 700 years old. No argument impacted the ring counts on that tree's trim. Whether like my slate entrance foyer in Churchill or my tiger oak banister with wrought iron, the stories our mediums hold are incredible, and without fail, like everyone's staircase, help us ascend everyday despite knowing their age. It's about believing they will take you to where you aspire to be.

Here at New Earth LLC, we are grateful to be part of an industry that doesn't argue over tree rings because everything's got a story to tell, and centuries old trades integrate and laid the foundation for most modern technology and progress. 

So mind your carpenters, hear your painters, and share your wisdom because every ring of that tree tells a story. 

Thank you for joining us at New Earth as we bring brick, wood, stone and metal to life~ and remember, stairs always have the option to go up.

~Paul I

Carpenter's Tools



As your neighbor for over thirty years, I know all of the city's ins and outs. My knowledge of Richmond's neighborhoods, communities and history gives me significant insight and expertise in all aspects of maintaining the historic integrity of Richmond properties.


The past has held some fascinating world-wide traveling stories through out life looking for the best scuba diving sites and stories of culture. However recently, I have invested my passion in renovating houses in the Richmond vicinity of which one my wife and wonderful pups just moved into. In our free time we enjoy spending time on my Christmas tree farm, playing Scrabble, carpentry and other artisanship, and appreciating the wonderful trees that abound around the property that will showcase  my next project. 

Chief Fun "O"Meter Potter

Nudge Consigliere

Tissue Orgami Expert

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